elBadiu 2019                                                         box of 3 bot.

elBadiu 2019 box of 3 bot.


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Box of 3 bottles


White wine (Aged 4 months in chestnut barrel)

DO Alella - Badalona

Pansa blanca 100%


The Pansa Blanca variety that we have made this wine, is born on the only productive plot located in the surroundings of Badalona. The vineyards recovered from Can Coll, in Canyet, ask for their origin and history, and from Vins de la Memòria, we are very honored to give them a voice.

1255 bottles of ElBadiu 2019 has been made on the other side of Conreria mountain, following the same elaboration process used in those houses, fermenting in a large chestnut barrels and keeping the grapes in contact with their most. Through this wine, we remember a family chapter, a return to roots and a vindication of the traditional viticulture of Badalona, the birthplace of the central vineyard of Catalonia, as well as its memory linked to the history of the city.