laMemòria 2019                                       box of 3 bot.

laMemòria 2019 box of 3 bot.


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White wine (Aged 8 months in chestnut barrel)

DO Terra Alta

White grenache100%


Grenache or "Vernatxa", as it is called in the Ebre region, is the most entrenched variety in the territory and the people who inhabit it, becoming the eternal guardian of the landscapes and the memory of all those who, voluntarily or forced, they stepped on these lands 80 years ago. The 1938 harvest did not exist, the shortage of picked fruits was food for everyone. Today, as a silent witness of memory, we make a wine born in one of those old vineyards, a scene of pain and hope.

Of laMemòria 2018, 866 bottles of an exceptional and emotional wine have been produced, which evokes the sense of peace and memory of the Vins de la Memòria entire collection.