laPlage 2019                                                 box of 3 bot.

laPlage 2019 box of 3 bot.


Unit price € 28.5

Box of 3 bottles


White wine (Aged 5 months in chestnut barrel)

IGP Côte Vermeille - Roussillon (France)

Grey grenache 60% - Red grenache 40%

1/1000 of Rancid wines of 1939


This wine completes the Vins de la Memòria collection, expressing in liquid words, the penultimate chapter of Agustin's experiences in 1939.
LaPlage is about feelings and melancholy, a wine that brings back to life, as it also contains a part for a thousand of sweet rancid wine from 1939. Grey grenache, aged in a large chestnut barrel and blended with Red grenac