loEbre 2019                                                                              box of 3 bot.

loEbre 2019 box of 3 bot.


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Box of 3 bottles


White wine (Blanc de Noirs)

DO Terra Alta

Hairy grenache 50% - Carignan 50%


loEbre is a tribute to the river, the land and the people, main characters of the big Ebre's Battle. It is the wine showing the suffer and hardness of those days, the tough struggle and also the austerity.​

The "Crusilló", word used for the Carignan along the river, has been vinified in an open tank pretending the hyperoxidation of the musts, with no sulphites protection and letting them lose their natural colour, a personal challenge which has allowed to obtain a white wine stained of red, symbolising the colour shown by the Ebre's river during many of those