plOm   2018                                                                     box of 3 bot.

plOm 2018 box of 3 bot.


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Red wine (Aged 12 months in chestnut barrel)

DOQ Priorat

Red grenache100%


Galena was the main extracted ore in Priorat's mines for almost 100 years, to its closure on early 1970's.

Lead from those mines was the main resource of the area's economy during the phylloxera crisis. During the Civil War, 10,000 tons of this metal were extracted to manufacture the ammunition for the Republicans.

Of plOm 2018, 785 bottles were produced from a single barrel, Grenache from the Bellmunt shady, fresh, deep and aerial.

An exceptional quality wine that claims the place and the space, the time and the memory of a punished land by the pain of yesterday, which today we try to transform into life and hope.